The Simpsons Quiz 1

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The following quiz questions are all related to the animated TV cult classic, The Simpsons.

1. What is the name of the Simpson?s' next door neighbour?

2. In which town do the Simpson?s reside?

3. What did Bart name his pet elephant?

4. What is the name of the school bus driver?

5. Who provided the voice for Poochie in the itchy & scratchy & Poochie show?

6. What did Homer buy Marge for her 34th birthday?

7. What nationality were the people who bought the power plant from Mr. Burns?

8. Who runs the Kwik-e-mart?

9. Where does Marge hide the Christmas money?

10. What is the name of the minister at the first church of Springfield?

11. What does Bart do in the opening credits?

12. What does Smithers collect?

13. Who are Lisa?s favourite cartoon characters?

14. What did homer smuggle on board the space shuttle?

15. How long was Marge in prison for when she was caught shoplifting?

16. What is Marge?s maiden name?

17. Who did Marge go to her high school prom with?

18. What is the name of the realty firm homer and Marge used to buy their house?

19. Who sold a defective monorail system to Springfield?

20. Who ran Bart over in his car?

21. What is the name of the first Simpson?s episode shown?

22. Which famous person does Marge love to paint?

23. What is Sideshow Bob's middle name?

24. What is the name of Bart?s favourite comic book action hero?  

25. Where does Otto immediately move to upon losing his job?

26. Why must Santa's little helper get an operation?

27. What award does Homer receive in "brother can you spare two dimes?"

28. What is the code name of Adil, the foreign exchange student from Albania?

29. What do Patty + Selma say you can't spell without i.o.u.?

30. What is Burns' oldest dog's name?

31. What holds up the volunteer fire department as they are trying to rescue Homer?

32. Who does Bart have to sit beside on the filed trip to SNPP?

33. What is Apu's last name?

34. What is Barney's short film called (a star is Burns)?

35. How much did the Simpsons pay to get illegally hooked up to cable?

36. What is Mr. Burns and Bart's blood type?

37. What game can't Lisa play because she is too sad?

38. How do the German owners of SNPP describe their country to Homer? (Burns verkaft das Kraftverk)


1. Ned Flanders

2. Springfield

3. Stampy

4. Otto

5. Homer

6. Bowling Ball

7. German

8. Apu

9. In Her Hair

10. Timothy Lovejoy

11. Writes On The Blackboard

12. Malibu Stacey Dolls

13. Happy Little Elves

14. Bag Of Potato Chips

15. 30 Days

16. Bouvier

17. Artie Ziff

18. Stinking Fish Realty

19. Lyle Lanley

20. Burns

21. Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire

22. Ringo Starr

23. Underdunk

24. Radioactive Man  

25. A trash-co. waste disposal unit

26. He has a twisted stomach

27. The first annual Montgomery Burns award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence

28. Sparrow

29. Obsequious

30. Crippler

31. Ducks crossing the street

32. Wendel

33. Nahasapeemapetilon

34. Puke-a-hantas

35. $50

36. Double o negative

37. Dodgeball

38. The land of chocolate


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