The Simpsons Quiz 2

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1. Who was Lisa?s jazz-playing mentor?

2. What was Ned Flanders' job before he opened the leftorium?

3. What is grandma Bouvier's first name?

4. Who is the head of itchy and scratchy?

5. Who is Selma and Patty's favourite star.

6. What restaurant chain attempts to steal and then buy flaming Moes from Moe?

7. Who played happy birthday for Mr. Burns?

8. Who was the principal when Homer and Marge were in high school?

9. Who is Krusty's secretary?

10. Where does barney become trapped in his Plough king truck?

11. What were Bart?s first words?

12. Who are itchy and scratchy's European counterparts?

13. What instrument does Lisa play in the whacking day episode? (not the saxophone).

14. What is the cat burglar's real name?

15. What is Martin's IQ?

16. Who did Krusty steal the crank-call bit from?

17. What "letter" is the cat burglar's "treasure" buried under?

18. What is the bunny called in friar Wiggum's fantastical beastarium?

19. Who runs the country according to Smithers? germs?

20. In Halloween special V, who is the unquestioned ruler and master of the world?

21. Who is the one remaining (sane) ringer on the baseball team?

22. What excuse does homer use (on his insurance form) for buying dimoxinil?

23. What is the placebo cure for the Japanese flu?

24. Where does Bart get the name "Woodrow" from?

25. Who ran over snowball I?

26. What does homer's note to himself say in Halloween special IV?

27. What does Bart write on his butt in "Bart vs. Australia"?

28. Who does Springfield believe is trapped down a well?

29. Who narrates "the raven" in Halloween special i?

30. What is Lisa?s future occupation according to the cant test?

31. What instrument does homer replace Lisa?s saxophone with after it is stolen?

32. Who is in the car with the Japanese restaurant owner?

33. Who narrated "the good book" on tape?

34. What song does Mr. Burns make a parody of as he is showing off his animal skin clothes (two dozen and one greyhounds)?

35. What singer does Mr. Burns force to perform for Marge?

36. Where does Otto immediately move to upon losing his job?


1. Bleedin' Gums Murphy

2. Pharmacist

3. Jacqueline

4. Roger Meyers

5. Macgyver, Or Richard Dean Anderson

6. Tipsy Mcstagger's

7. The Ramones

8. Dondelinger

9. Lois Pennycandy

10. Widow's Peak, Which Is On Mt. Springfield

11. Ay Carumba

12. Worker & Parasite

13. Bass Guitar

14. Malloy

15. 216

16. Steve Allen

17. T

18. Esquilax

19. Free Masons

20. Ned Flanders

21. Daryl Strawberry

22. To Keep Brain From Freezing

23. Killer Bees

24. Woodrow Wilson, U.S. President

25. Clovis Quimby

26. Dear Homer, Iou One Emergency Donut

27. Don't Tread On Me

28. Timmy O'toole

29. James Earl Jones

30. Homemaker

31. Jug

32. Mrs. Krabappel

33. Larry King

34. "Be Our Guest" From Beauty & The Beast

35. Tom Jones

36. A Trash-Co. Waste Disposal Unit


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