The Oscars Quiz 1

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1. Who won the best actress Oscar for her role in misery?

2. What was Susan Sarandon?s occupation in dead man walking?

3. Who was given one large Oscar and seven small ones in 1938?

4. Which Whoopi Goldberg film was nominated for 11 Oscars yet won none?

5. Which British actress won two Oscars in the 70?s?

6. Who danced together for the last time at the 1966 Oscar ceremony?

7. Who was the oldest best actress recipient when she won for driving miss daisy?

8. In which city is the sting set?

9. Of the three nominated songs from the lion king, which one won?

10. In which decade were the first academy awards given?

11. During the 1990s which three people hosted the Oscars?

12. How many Oscars did the film "West Side Story" win?

13. Which actor won his first best actor Oscar for the 1986 film "The Color Of Money"?

14. The 1985 film "The Color Purple" won no Oscars, but how many nominations did it receive?

15. Which 1987 film received 9 nominations at the Oscars in 1988?


1. Kathy Bates

2. A Nun

3. Walt Disney

4. The Colour Purple

5. Glenda Jackson

6. Fred Astaire And Ginger Rodgers

7. Jessica Tandy

8. Chicago

9. Can You Feel The Love Tonight

10. The 20?s

11. Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and David Letterman

12. 10

13. Paul Newman

14. 11

15. The Last Emperor


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