Movie and Moviestars Quiz 7

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Film Quiz1. In which film did Dustin Hoffman play a character called Michael Dorsey?

2. Who played Major Reisman in the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen?

3. Who played Catherine Ballou in the film Cat Ballou?

4. By what name is Allen Stewart Konigsberg better known?

5. From what film does the song ?Moon River? come?

6. In which film did The Blue Meanies appear?

7. Which film featured a character called Benjamin Braddock?

8. Which film was about the life of Blues Singer Billie Holliday?

9. What was Walt Disney?s first full-length film?

10. What were confiscated and burned in the film Fahrenheit 451?

11. Which song played each morning as Bill Murray?s character was forced to relive the same day over and over in the movie Groundhog Day?

12. Give the full name of the sequel to James Cameron?s Terminator movie?

13. Name The Movie - Russell Crowe takes revenge for his enslavement and the murder of his wife and son?

14. Who played the president in the movie ?Air Force One??

15. What was the name of the 1957 war film, based on the life of Douglas Bader?

16. Who played the part of Phileas Fogg in the 1956 film ?Around The World In Eighty Days??

17. In the 1967 film ?In The Heat Of The Night?, who played the character Virgil Tibbs?

18. What is the name of the 1987 movie based on the life of South African Steven Biko?

19. With which Alfred Hitchcock villain would you associate the dialogue, ?A man?s best friend is his mother??

20. Who sang the Bond theme to the movie ?Goldeneye??


1. Tootsie

2. Lee Marvin

3. Jane Fonda

4. Woody Allen

5. Breakfast At Tiffany?s

6. The Yellow Submarine

7. The Graduate

8. Lady Sings The Blues

9. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

10. Books

11. I Got You Babe / Sonny & Cher

12. Terminator II ? Judgment Day

13. Gladiator

14. Harrison Ford

15. Reach For The Sky

16. David Niven

17. Sidney Potier

18. Cry Freedom

19. Norman Bates

20. Tina Turner


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