Horror Films and Thrillers Quiz 1

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Film Quiz1. In which town is Jaws set?

2. Who directed the Birds?

3. What is the name of the motel in Psycho?

4. What role does Sigourney Weaver play in the Alien films?

5. In which film do you meet a zombie called Bub?

6. What character has been played by Harvey Stephens, Jonathon Scott Taylor and Sam Neill?

7. In what film were two Americans told by the locals in the slaughtered lamb to stay on the road?

8. In which film would you first meet the Xenobytes?

9. Which Oscar winning actor played a cross-dressing killer in the film Dressed to Kill?

10. Who played the title role in the film The Excorcist?


1. Amity

2. Alfred Hitchcock

3. Bates Motel

4. Ripley

5. Day of the dead

6. Damien

7. American werewolf in London

8. Hellraiser

9. Michael Caine

10. Max Von Sydow


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