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Television Quiz1. Who Played Blake Carrington In Dynasty?

2. Who Was The Last Actor To Play Dangerfield?

3. In Which Program Is There A Surgery In Cardale?

4. What Were The Names Of Ma Boswells Children In Bread?

5. In Which Programme Were Leslie Grantham And Don Henderson Brothers?

6. Which Comic Duo Lived In Oil Drum Lane?

7. What Was the Name of Jacques Cousteau?s Boat?

8. Whose Was The First Televised Royal Funeral?

9. What Was The Name Of The Child In Bewitched?

10. Who Hosted Going For A Song?

11. Trapper, Hawkeye And Radar Appear In Which TV Programme?

12. What Type Of Creature Was Chorlton From Chorlton And The Wheelies?

13. Which Telletubbie Has A Handbag?

14. Who Has A Friend Called Wendolene?

15. Which Clanger Owed A Musical Boat?

16. Who Was The Farmer In Camberwick Green?

17. Who Played Emily Bishop In Coronation Street?

18. Who Played Peggy In Hi De Hi?

19. Who played Nurse Gladys Emmanuel in TV?s Open All Hours?


1. John Forsythe

2. Nigel Havers

3. Peak Practice

4. Joey, Jack, Adrian, Aveline And Billy

5. The Paradise Club

6. Steptoe And Son

7. The Calypso

8. George VI

9. Tabitha

10. Max Robertson

11. Mash

12. A Dragon

13. Tinky Winky

14. Wallace And Grommit

15. General Clanger

16. Jonathon Bell

17. Eileen Derbyshire

18. Su Pollard

19. Linda Baron


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