Shared Film Roles Quiz 1

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These groups of three actors have all played the same role, name the role

Film Quiz1. Douglas Fairbanks, Michael York, Gene Kelly

2. Alec Guinness, George C Scott, Ron Moody

3. Gary Oldman, Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi

4. Charlton Heston, Mel Brookes, Burt Lancaster

5. Albert Finney, Tony Randall, Peter Ustinov

6. Richard Burton, Charles Laughton, Sid James

7. John Gielgud, Rex Harrison, Kenneth Wiliams

8. Sean Connery, Richard Harris, Anthony Hopkins

9. Peter Cushing, Peter Cook, Basil Rathbone

10. George Hamilton, Tyrone Power, Antonio Banderas  


1. D'Artagnan

2. Fagin

3. Dracula

4. Moses

5. Hercule Poirot

6. Henry VIII

7. Julius Caesar

8. Richard the Lionheart

9. Sherlock Holmes

10. Zorro


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