Television Nostalgia Quiz 1

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Television Quiz1. Which British TV programme, first broadcast in 1949 has been presented by peter West, Brian Johnson, Terry Wogan and Angela Rippon, amongst others?

2. The coronation of which British monarch was the first to be televised?

3. In which TV programme would you have found a cupcake, a popeye, a chubby, a professor and a flogger?

4. In which fictional town was Z cars set?

5. In which 1960s TV series would you have found Destiny, Harmony, Melody Rhapsody and Symphony?

6. The headquarters of which organisation were behind the Del Floria tailors in Manhattan?

7. In which fictional hospital was Emergency Ward 10 set?

8. On whose show have Harold Wilson, Denis Healy, Laurence Olivier, Vanessa Redgrave & Angela Rippon all appeared?

9. Who was the original host on Sunday Night at the London palladium?

10. On which island were the Thunderbirds based  


1. Come Dancing

2. George VI

3. The Army Game

4. Newtown

5. Captain Scarlet


7. Oxbridge General Hospital

8. Morecambe & Wise

9. Tommy Trinder

10. Tracy island


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