Movies from the 1950s Quiz 1

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Film Quiz1. James Dean died during the filming of which film in 1955?

2. In which hospital would you find Sir Lancelot Spratt?

3. Who played George III in Beau Brummell? (Robert Morely, Alec Guiness, Cardew Robinson)

4. In which Hitchcock classic does James Stewart play a man hired to follow Kim Novak?

5. Which Scottish actor famously sang in the film Darby O Gill & the little people?

6. Which Welsh actor won Christ?s Robe in a dice game in The Robe?

7. Who played the younger scrooge in the Classic with Alistair Sim?

8. Who played the policeman in The Blue Lamp?

9. On the face of which mountain does the climax of North by Northwest take place?

10. What was the second carry on film?  


1. Giant

2. St Swithens

3. Robert Morely

4. Vertigo

5. Sean Connery

6. Richard Burton

7. George Cole

8. Jack Warner

9. Mount Rushmore

10. Carry on Nurse


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