Movie and Moviestars Quiz 10

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Film Quiz1. Who played the role of vampire hunter Van Helsing in Bram Stoker?s ?Dracula??

2. In which 1990 movie did Gerard Depardieu and Andi McDowell have a marriage of convenience?

3. Which sport was the subject of the 1984 film ?The Natural??

4. Who played the part of Russian boxer Ivan Drago in ?Rocky IV??

5. Which film starred Robin Williams as a doctor and Robert De Niro as a patient?

6. Who co-starred with Robbie Coltrane in the comedy movie ?Nuns On The Run??

7. Who played the role of Billy The Kid in the 1988 Western movie ?Young Guns??

8. Who played the attorney helping Jodie Foster to seek justice in the movie ?The Accused??

9. Which film had the advertising slogan ?Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water??

10. Which movie was advertised with the following words ?No sex, no booze, no men, no way??  

11. Who was Nicole Kidman?s co-star in Moulin Rouge?

12. Who played opposite Nicholas Cage in Captain Corelli?s Mandarin?

13. Who plays the part of Darcy Maguire in What Women Want?

14. Name the animator who created Chicken Run.

15. Who was the voice of Shrek?

16. Which classes should Billy Elliott be going to when he was doing ballet?

17. In Meet The parents, which animals is Robert De Niro particularly fond of?

18. Which actress was the object of Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes affections in Enemy At The Gates?

19. Who was the female star of Erin Brockovich?

20. Who co-starred with Harry Enfield in Kevin and Perry go large?


1. Anthony Hopkins

2. Green Card

3. Baseball

4. Dolph Lundgren

5. Awakenings

6. Eric Idle

7. Emilio Estevez

8. Kelly McGillis

9. Jaws 2

10. Sister Act

11. Ewen MacGregor

12. Penelope Cruz

13. Helen Hunt

14. Nick Park

15. Mike Myers

16. Boxing

17. Cats

18. Rachel Weisz

19. Julia Roberts

20. Kathy Burke


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