TV Cops and Robbers Quiz 1

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Television Quiz1. Which 1997 series featured detectives Slade and Holly?

2. Which TV detective is based in Shrewsbury?

3. Maddy Magellan assisted which offbeat TV detective?

4. In which TV show could you see Superintendent Hatcher and DC Hames?

5. Who had a business card which included a matchstick-man logo?

6. Chief Superintendent Charles Brownlow was in charge of which police station?

7. How many Angels did Charlie have at any one time?

8. Who worked for the Bureau des Etranges?

9. Which detective often embarrassed Inspector Slack?

10. How was detective Sergeant Johnny Ho better known?  

11. Ronnie barker played Norman Stanley Fletcher in a TV sequel to ?porridge? what was it called?

12. Which lawyer made actor Raymond Burr famous?

13. Which fictional village is home to Miss Marple?

14. Who played the character of Steve Biko in the film ?cry freedom??

15. Who was the first us president to be assassinated?

16. Who co-presented Crimewatch with Nick Ross, prior to Jill Dando?

17. Who was the American half of ?the persuaders??

18. Which murder weapon in ?Cluedo? would be second alphabetically?

19. Who assassinated Martin Luther King?

20. What is the character name of the original constable in ?heartbeat??

21. Which convicted bank robber did Roger Daltry play on film in 1980?


1. Crime Traveller

2. Cadfael

3. Jonathan Creek

4. Crimewatch

5. The Saint

6. Sun Hill (The Bill)

7. 3

8. Bergerac

9. Miss Marple

10. The Chinese Detective

11. Going Straight

12. Perry mason

13. St Marys Mead

14. Denzel Washington

15. Abraham lincoln

16. Sue Cook

17. Tony Curtis

18. Dagger

19. James Earl Ray

20. PC Nick Rowan

21. John McVicar


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