Silent Comedies Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Steve Gardiner from the UK. Really great Quiz Steve, thanks very much for your effort.

1. Who was known as 'America?s Sweetheart'?

2. What was the name of the studio set up by Mack Sennett and often featured comic police chases?

3. In the Laurel and Hardy film 'Big Business' in 1929, they play door-to-door salesmen who end up systematically wrecking the house of James Finlayson, while he dismantles their car ? what were they originally trying to sell him?

4. Who became the 'It Girl' in 1927, made millions, but was on the rocks by 1933?

5. Who started his career aged 6 with Charlie Chaplin in 'The Kid' in 1921, and 45 years later played Uncle Fester in The Addams Family?

6. In Sherlock Jnr. in 1924, Buster Keaton plays a cinema projectionist and he uses an illusion that was copied 60 years later by Woody Allen in Purple Rose of Cairo ? what was it?

7. Which comic appears in 'Safety Last' in 1924, famously dangling from the pointers of a huge clock, slowly coming loose from its moorings on the wall of a skyscraper?

8. In 'The Gold Rush of 1925', what does Charlie Chaplin cook for his Thanksgiving dinner in his snowbound log cabin?

9. Whose films opened with the Cuckoo song over the credits?

10. Who claimed to have taken out a $25,000 insurance policy against his trademark cross-eyes ever becoming straight?


1. Mary Picford

2. Keystone Studios

3. A Christmas tree

4. Clara Bow

5. Jackie Coogan

6. He appears to walk into the onscreen action

7. Harold Lloyd

8. His boot

9. Laurel and Hardy

10. Ben Turpin


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