Watching the Detectives Quiz 1

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Name the detective that?

1. Lived in the village of St Mary Mead

2. Was also known as The Saint

3. Was created by Dorothy L Sayers

4. Went in search of the Maltese Falcon

5. Had a smarter brother called Mycroft

6. Drove a knackered Peugeot 403 cabriolet

7. First appeared in a novel called I The Jury by Mickey Spillane

8. Was played by Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote

9. Was created by Edward Stratemeyer

10. Owned a bloodhound called Pedro  


1. Miss Marple

2. Simon Templar

3. Lord Peter Wimsey

4. Sam Spade

5. Sherlock Holmes

6. Colombo

7. Mike Hammer

8. Jessica Fletcher

9. Nancy Drew

10. Sexton Blake


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