Watch with Mother Quiz 1

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1. What is Fred Flintstone's wife called?

2. What was the registration number of Lady Penelope's pink Rolls Royce?

3. Which dwarf is the only one of the Seven Dwarfs not to have a beard?

4. Who is Donald Duck's girlfriend?

5. Who is Popeye's adopted son?

6. In "Alice in Wonderland" what price did the Mad Hatter have on his hat?

7. How much was Simple Simon supposed to give the pieman?

8. What colours are Rupert the Bear's trousers?

9. Which TV program have Eamonn Andrews, Michael Aspel & Leslie Crowther all presented?

10. Which Magic Roundabout character rode a trike ?   


1. Wilma

2. Fab 1

3. Dopey

4. Daisy Duck

5. Swee' Pea

6. 10/6

7. One Penny

8. Yellow & Black

9. CrackerJack

10. Mr. McHenry 


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