British TV Quiz 2

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Television Quiz1. Which game show did Sarah Kennedy, Henry Kelly, Matthew Kelly and Jeremy Beadle all team up to present in 1981?

2. Who said ?it?ll be Alright on the night ??

3. Name the Taxi driver who won mastermind in 1980?

4. Why were Sue Middleton and Alex Tatham in the news in October 1991?

5. Who first presented Winner takes All?

6. Who was the first subject of ?This is your life??

7. Which well-known broadcaster chaired the television game shows Tell the Truth and Make Up Your Mind?

8. Which 4 members of the Royal family were team captains in the special Grand Knockout Tournament shows in 1987?

9. On which show could you see The Bunco Booth?

10. Who presented Play Your Cards Right originally in the UK?  


1. Game For A Laugh

2. Denis Norden

3. Fred Housego

4. They met on Blind date and got married

5. Jimmy Tarbuck

6. Eamonn Andrews

7. David Jacobs

8. Anne, Edward, Andrew and Fergie

9. Paul Daniels Magic Show

10. Bruce Forsythe  


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