Soap Operas and Sitcoms Quiz 1

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1. Cliff Richard sang the theme song to which horsy BBC soap Opera that ended in 1992?

2. Which sitcom features the last survivors on a mining spaceship destined to roam the cosmos forever?

3. What was the name of the bar owned Sam ?Mayday? Malone?

4. Who played Meg Mortimer in Crossroads?

5. Which 1980s series featuring boats and boardrooms was described as the first Thatcherite Soap?

6. Who played Sidney Balmoral James in the 1960s sitcom Citizen James?

7. Which 3 surnames did the Joan Collins character have in Dynasty?

8. In which US comedy did Buddy Ebsen play Patriarch Jed Clampett?

9. Which elderly sitcom character was regularly reduced to shouting ?I don?t believe it??

10. What shattering contribution did James Wilmott Brown make to the plot of eastenders?  


1. Trainer

2. Red Dwarf

3. Cheers Bar

4. Noele Gordon

5. Howards Way

6. Sid James

7. Carrington Colby Dexter

8. The Beverley Hillbillies

9. Victor Meldrew

10. He raped Kathy Beale


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