Oscar Winners Cryptic Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Many thanks Alan, great stuff.

Identify the Oscar-winning films from the following cryptic clues.

1. The Jets and Sharks perhaps

2. Ex-newreader Miss Rippon claims a cricket trophy by the sound of it

3. Speaking in a low voice due to a sore throat

4. Sounds like a homosexual extra in "Zulu" with feminine tendencies!

5. The Desert Rats' leader after a good meal

6. Prolonged conflict between John "Virgo" and "Leo" McKern perhaps

7. A male zombie out for a stroll

8. In Spain, a familiar name for Mr James, Mr Caesar or Mr Little

9. A pervert in a raincoat doing the Tango

10. Bela Lugosi on the Parkinson Show


1. Gangs of New York

2. Angela's Ashes

3. The Horse Whisperer

4. The African Queen

5. The Full Monty

6. Star Wars

7. Dead man walking

8. El Cid

9. Flashdance

10. Interview with a vampire


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