Movie and Moviestars Quiz 12

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Film Quiz1. What was the title of Disney?s first full-length animated cartoon?

2. The life of Billy Mills, the Sioux Indian runner who won the 10,000 metres for America in the 1964 Olympics was told in a film of 1984. What was the title of this film?

3. Where was the first British sound-film studio built in 1931?

4. Which actor played the victim in Murder On The Orient Express?

5. What do the films Jaws, ET The Extra Terrestrial and 1941 have in common?

6. What was the title of John Wayne?s final movie?

7. What role did Vivian Leigh portray in Gone With The Wind?

8. In which film of 1984 did Sean Cannery return to the role of 007?

9. What was the title of the second adventure of the characters Wallace and Gromett?

10. In which 1995 movie did Ralph Fiennes play a contestant on a crooked TV show?  


1. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

2. Running Brave

3. Ealing

4. Richard Widmark

5. Steven Spielberg

6. The shootist

7. Scarlet O?Hara

8. Never Say Never Again

9. The Wrong Trousers

10. Quiz Show


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