Cartoon Characters Quiz 3

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The following quiz round was submitted by The Great McGinty from the UK. Many thanks, great quiz round.

1. In The Flintstones, what do Fred and Betty have that Wilma and Barney do not?

2. In Family Guy, what was the name of Peter's black ancestor?

3. In King Of The Hill, what does Hank Hill sell for a living?

4. What cartoon character was voiced by Dayton Allen?

5. Who was known as the SLOWEST mouse in all Mexico?

6. In which underwater city does Spongebob Squarepants live?

7. Which cartoon superheroes live in Townsville?

8. What cartoon character has vital statistics of 19-19-19?

9. In Wacky Races, what was the name of the vehicle driven by Red Max?

10. In Family Guy, what is Lois' maiden name? 


1. Eyeballs.

2. Nate Griffin.

3. Propane and propane accessories.

4. Deputy Dawg.

5. Slowpoke Rodriguez.

6. Bikini Bottom.

7. The Powerpuff Girls.

8. Olive Oyl.

9. The Crimson Haybailer.

10. Pewterschmidt. 


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