Movie and Moviestars Quiz 13

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Film Quiz1. Which 2 outlaws cut a swathe through 30?s American Midwest in one of the big films of 1967?

2. What controversial 1996 movie featured a group of drug-taking misfits in Edinburgh?

3. Which playwright won screenwriting Oscars for Dr Zhivago and A Man For All Seasons?

4. What 1980s comedy starred John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd as two unlikely soul artists?

5. Charlton Heston played Moses in the Ten Commandments, who produced it?

6. Out of Africa and White Mischief, were both set in which African country?

7. In what 1935 adaptation of an epic Tolstoy novel did Greta Garbo play the title role?

8. Which actress starred opposite Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct?

9. What film about tourists acting out Christ's life was called "one of the true fiasco?s of modern cinema"?

10. In what Rodgers and Hammerstien musical does a cowboy win his girl against all the odds  


1. Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow

2. Trainspotting

3. Robert Bolt

4. The Blues Brothers

5. Cecil B De Mille

6. Kenya

7. Anna Karenina

8. Sharon Stone

9. Jesus Christ Superstar

10. Oklahoma!  

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