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Television Quiz1. In which British TV game show did Leslie Crowther use the catch phrase ?Come On Down??

2. Where was the cult drama series ?The Prisoner? filmed?

3. Which secret service department was featured in the TV series ?The Professionals??

4. Which sporting quiz show started in 1969?

5. Which actor played Quincy?

6. Who were Ken Boon?s employers before he became a trouble shooter?

7. Who played the title role in the movie ?Private Benjamin??

8. Which actress shot to fame in her first starring role as Andromeda in the sci-fi thriller ?A for Andromeda??

9. What decade did Marty McFly travel back to in the film ?Back to the Future??

10. Who played journalist Vicki Vale in the 1989 film ?Batman??  


1. The Price is right

2. Portmerrion

3. C I 5

4. A Question Of Sport

5. Jack Klugman

6. The Fire Service

7. Goldie Hawn

8. Julie Christie

9. 1950?s

10. Kim Basinger


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