Television and Film Quiz 2

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Television Quiz1. Who played Columbo?

2. Which TV series was set in Eaton Square?

3. About which group was ?The Great Rock N Roll Swindle??

4. Who was Adam Adamant?s deadliest enemy?

5. Dance with a Stranger was the 1984 film the last woman to be hanged in Britain, who?

6. Complete this film title ?ET...??

7. Who starred in the title roll of ?I Claudius??

8. What was ?The Zoo gang? in the TV series starring John Mills?

9. What replaced TV?s ?This Week? news documentary programme between 1978 and 1984?

10. On whose romance was the 1978 film ?The Greek Tycoon? starring Anthony Quinn and Jacqueline Bisset supposedly based?  


1. Peter Falk

2. Upstairs Downstairs

3. The Sex Pistols

4. The Face

5. Ruth Ellis

6. The Extra Terrestrial

7. Derek Jacobi

8. Part of the French Resistance

9. TV Eye

10. Aristotle Onnasis and Jackie Kennedy


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