TV and Films Quiz 4

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1. What was the real name of Anthony Edwards' character 'Goose' in 'Top Gun'?

2. What was the name of the lioness featured in born free?

3. Which three  US Presidents does Forrest meet in the film Forrest Gump? (Both needed for a point)

4. In Fawlty Towers, what was Polly's surname?

5. Who links Twelve Monkey's and Thelma and Louise?

6. In Dr. Who, what does the acronym TARDIS stand for?

7. What was Henry Fonda's last film?

8. Who played Cherie in the movie Bus Stop?

9. Who played Eliza Doolittle in the 1964 film My Fair Lady?

10. Which famous composer did Richard Chamberlain play in The Music Lovers?

11. Who is the most frequently portrayed fictional character in films?

12. Who uttered the only word in Mel Brooke's film Silent Movie?

13. In which 1960s film did we hear Richard Attenborough sing?

14. In which film did Mick Jagger make his acting debut?

15. Who was the boxer portrayed by Robert de Niro in raging bull?

16. What was the title of Roger Moore's second James Bond film?

17. Who directed The Horse Whisperer?

18. What is the title of the re-make of Dangerous Liaisons - starring Sarah Michelle Gellar?

19. In which television series did Shirley Jones play David Cassidy's mother, before becoming his real step-mother?

20. Which TV chat show host had emergency quintuple bypass surgery in January 2000?

21. Which TV detective's boss was Barny Crozier played by Sean Arnold?

22. Which 1988 film was advertised with the tag line "when he pours, he reigns"?

23. Who played Jim Morrison in the 1991 film the doors?


1. Nick Bradshaw.

2. Elsa.

3. Kennedy, LBJ and Nixon.

4. Sherman.

5. Brad Pitt.

6. Time and relative dimensions in space.

7. On Golden Pond.

8. Marilyn Monroe.

9. Audrey Hepburn.

10. Tchaikovsky.

11. Sherlock Holmes.

12. Marcel Marceau.

13. Doctor Dolittle.

14. Ned Kelly.

15. Jake Le Motte.

16. The Man With The Golden Gun.

17. Robert Redford.

18. Cruel Intentions.

19. The Partridge Family

20. David Letterman.

21. Bergerac.

22. Cocktail.

23. Val Kilmer


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