Movie Books and Autobiographies Quiz 1

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Film Quiz1. Which film, starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, was based on a book by F Scott Fitzgerald?

2. Which actor's autobiography of 1978 was entitled Dear Me?

3. Which film, which starred the pop star David Bowie was based on the novel The Seed and the Sower by Laurens van der Post?

4. Cornelius Ryan's famous book A Bridge Too Far which was later made into a film was based on which famous battle?

5. Whose autobiographical books include I Owe Russia $2,000 (1963), The Last Christmas Show (1976) and c ", The Road to Hollywood (1977)?

6. The first Lassie film was Lassie Come Home in 1942. On whose novel was this film based?

7. Who wrote the book on which the film The Stepford Wives was based?

8. Which modern movie star published his autobiography in. three parts called A Postillion Struck By Lightning, Snakes and Ladders and Orderly Man?

9. On whose novel was the film Witness for the prosecution based?

10. Which actor's autobiography is called Jack Of All Trades?  


Literature Quiz1 The Great Gatsby

2 Peter Ustinov

3 Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

4 Air attack at Arrnhem

5 Bob Hope

6 Eric Knight

7 Ira Levin

8 Dirk Bogarde

9 Agatha Christie

10 Jack Warner


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