Movie Names and Nicknames Quiz 1

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Film Quiz1. What was Norma Jean Baker's other name?

2. Which famous film star was born William Henry Pratt in 1887?

3. Who was known throughout the world as the 'King of Comedy'?

4. Which early film star was widely known as the 'World's Sweetheart'?

5. Born in 1925, this actor made his debut in Fighter Squadron. He later came to be nicknamed 'The Baron of Beefcake' .Can you name him?

6. Groucho and Zeppo were two of the famous Marx Brothers comedy team -name the other two.

7. What was the nickname by which the American silent actor G M Anderson was better known?

8. Which actor was known as 'King of the Cowboys' from 1943, and also had the smartest horse in the movies?

9. Marion Morrison, originally a professional American footballer, changed his name to become a famous film star. By what name was he known?

10. Name Marilyn Monroe's husbands.  


1. Marilyn Monroe

2. Boris Karloff

3. Charlie Chaplin

4. Mary Pickford

5. Rock Hudson

6. Chico and Harpo

7. Broncho Billy

8. Roy Rogers

9. John Wayne

10. Jim Dougherty, Joe Di Maggio and Arthur Miller


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