Easy Cinema Quiz 1

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1. What was Herbie?

2. Which bob starred in ?Mona Lisa? before finding it ?good to talk??

3. Which blonde sex symbol used the pseudonym Jane mast?

4. Which hero has been portrayed by Christopher Reeve and Kirk Alyn?

5. In which film did Bruce Willis play a time-travelling criminal?

6. In which film does Charlton Heston think he is earth?s last survivor?

7. In which film are people terminated at the age of 30?

8. In which will hay movie does he play a haunted stationmaster?

9. What was the title of John Wayne?s final film?

10. What relation was Danny de Vito to Arnold Schwarzenegger in their 1988 film?

11. What was the name of the elephant man (in film)?

12. Where in Indiana was actor Gary Cooper born?

13. Which actor tom won Oscars in 1993 and again in 1994?

14. Which film director?s real name is Allen Stewart Konigsberg?

15. Who uncrossed their legs to much ado in ?basic instinct??

16. Who won an Oscar for ?Forrest Gump? and ?Philadelphia??

17. Hollywood legends Lionel, Ethel and john share what surname?

18. In films what do the letters pg stand for?

19. Guess who?s coming to which meal in the Katharine Hepburn film?

20. Who began his acting career under the stage name Duke Morrison?  


1. A Car-A VW Beetle

2. Hoskins

3. Mae West

4. Superman

5. Twelve Monkeys

6. The Omega Man

7. Logan?s Run

8. Oh, Mr. Porter

9. The Shootist

10. Twin Brother

11. John Merrick

12. Gary

13. Hanks

14. Woody Allen

15. Sharon Stone

16. Tom Hanks

17. Barrymore

18. Parental guidance

19. Dinner

20. John Wayne


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