90s Movies Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Paul Downie from the UK.
Tuesday nights at the King Harold, in Harold Wood and Thursdays at The Hutton, in Shenfield.
Many thanks once again, Paul

Film Quiz1. Who played Sister Helen Prejean, in ?Dead Man Walking??

2. Who played the killer in this film?

3. Which sport was the subject of the film ?Cobb??

4. Who played the pyschologist heroine of ?Copycat??

5. Complete the title: ?The Englishman Who Went ??

6. Who was the anti-terrorist hero of ?Executive Decision??

7. Who starred in the ?Die Hard? movies?

8. Who was the mayor in the film ?City Hall??

9. Was ?Cutthroat Island? about gangsters, about pirates or drugs?

10. Who or what was Casper?


1. Susan Sarandon

2. Sean Penn

3. Baseball

4. Sigourney Weaver

5. ?Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain?

6. Kurt Russell

7. Bruce Willis

8. Al Pacino

9. Pirates

10. A ghost


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