Comedy Characters Quiz 1

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In which TV sitcom did?

1. Danny de Vito play Louie de Palma

2. Michael J Fox play Michael Flaherty

3. Stephen Lewis play Inspector Blake

4. George Layton play Bombardier Solomons

5. Gary Coleman play Arnold Jackson

6. Mathew Perry play Chandler Bing

7. Alexi Sayle play Mr Balowski

8. George Wendt play Norm Petersen

9. Leslie Nielsen play Frank Drebbin

10. Peter Vaughan play Harry Grout  


1. taxi

2. Spin city

3. On the Buses

4. It ain?t half hot mum

5. Different Strokes

6. Friends

7. Young Ones

8. Cheers

9. Police squad

10. Porridge


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