Movie and Moviestars Quiz 15

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Film Quiz1. Who played William of Baskerville in The Name Of The Rose?

2. Who played the title role in Citizen Kane?

3. What was the name of the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey?

4. Who played Karen Blixen in Out of Africa?

5. In which film did Tom Cruise play a character called Charlie Babbitt?

6. Which rock star played The Man Who Fell To Earth?

7. What was the name of the young boy played by Henry Thomas in ET?

8. The 1973 film Don?t Look Now was based on a short story by which English author?

9. Which song did Sam play again in Casablanca?

10. Who wrote and directed the film High Hopes in 1989?  

11. In which film did John Wayne first play Rooster Cogburn?

12. In which city does Bruce Wayne live & fight crime as Batman?

13. What was the surname of Wendy & her brothers in Peter Pan?

14. Which car is featured in the film Back to the Future?

15. In Star Wars, what species is Chewbacca?

16. In which film do Paul Newman & Robert Redford jump into a river holding hands?

17. Which film gave Jack Nicholson his first Oscar?

18. What is the name of Dorothy's dog in "The Wizard of Oz"?

19. Who was Bad in Spaghetti Westerns?

20. Which was the first of the 'Indiana Jones' films to be released?


1. Sean Connery

2. Orson Welles

3. Hal

4. Meryl Streep

5. Rain Man

6. David Bowie

7. Elliot

8. Daphne Du Maurier

9. As Time Goes By

10. Mike Leigh

11. True Grit

12. Gotham City

13. Darling

14. De Lorean

15. A Wookie

16. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

17. One flew over the cuckoos nest?

18. Toto

19. Lee Van Cleef

20. Raiders of the Lost Ark


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