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Television Quiz1. Which famous singer was first offered the TV role of ?Lieutenant Colombo??

2. In which unfortunate seaside town does Basil Fawlty reside?

3. Which cartoon dog spars with Tom and Jerry?

4. Which of the ?Goodies? is known for his ?Twitching??

5. Who is the owner of ?The Magic Roundabout??

6. Which member of the ?Wombles? family is famous for his inventions?

7. What was the surname of the principle couple in "The Good Life"?

8. Who was Diana Trent, played by Stephanie Cole waiting for?

9. Which craggy actor played ?Rumpole of the Bailey??

10. Peter Mayle played by John Thaw retires from his rat-race job as an Advertising Executive and enjoys what?  

11. What is the name of Mrs Merton's son?

12. Which professor presented the controversial documentary series 'The Human Body'?

13. Vicky Entwistle plays the part of which hard done by wife in Coronation Street?

14. What was the name of the park ranger frequently outwitted by Yogi Bear?

15. By what other name was Brookside's Thomas Sweeney known?

16. Which US City did Cagney and Lacy police?

17. Name the Two main hosts of Channel 5's revamped version of 'It's A Knockout'?

18. What is the name of Lenny Henry's sitcom chef?

19. Motzarts piece of music ?A musical joke? is the music associated with the BBC coverage of which sport?

20. Fluck and Law were the creators of which 80?s TV show?


1. Bing Crosby

2. Torquay

3. Spike

4. Bill Oddie. (Birdwatcher)

5. Mr Rusty

6. Tobermory

7. Good

8. God - TV sitcom ?Waiting For God

9. Leo McKern

10. A Year in Provence

11. Malcolm

12. Robert Winston

13. Janice Battersby

14. Ranger John Smith

15. Sinbad

16. New York

17. Frank Bruno & Keith Chegwin

18. Gareth Blackstock

19. Horse of the year show

20. Spitting Image


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