War Films Quiz 1

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Film Quiz1. What film was criticised as being "A Film too long"?

2. During which war was platoon set?

3. For which Robert de Niro film was Cavatina the theme music?

4. Who won an Oscar for his role as the Colonel in "The Bridge on the river Kwai"?

5. What type of soldiers were the 4 British soldiers in "Wild Geese"?

6. Which 1963 film about POW's starred James Garner and Steve McQueen?

7. From which decade were the songs in "Good Morning Vietnam"?

8. Whose caf? was the meeting place for refugees in Casablanca?

9. Whose heroes were Telly Savalas and Clint Eastwood?

10. In which country is "the killing fields" set?  


1. A bridge too far

2. Vietnam

3. The Deer Hunter

4. Alec Guinness

5. Mercenaries

6. The Great Escape

7. 1960's

8. Rick's

9. Kelly's

10. Cambodia


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