Television Quiz 3

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Television Quiz1. Which heiress' nemesis was "The Hooded Claw"?

2. If your mansion needs haunting who should you call?

3. In which area of London was Citizen Smith set?

4. Whose 'postal address' was, 10 Acre Field, Scatterbrook Farm?

5. Which artist designed the "Blue Peter" logo?

6. In Star Trek Voyager who plays Seven Of Nine?

7. How is Ardal O'Hanlon's character George Sunday known in the title of the tv series?

8. On which comedy show would we find Smeeta Smitten the Showbiz Kitten?

9. What is the name of the judge played by Martin Shaw who had returned to BBC?

10. From what show does this phrase come - 'Tubs, Tubs what's all the noise, We'll have no trouble here, this is a local shop for local people?

11. Who left Deirdre alone in Coronation Street and headed for Holland?

12. What was the first British cop series shot on the streets of London?

13. Which TV interviewer gained the name St Mugg?

14. Who played the title role in the TV series Cannon?

15. Who began her show with the words ?I was born in the Bronx in New York, in December 1941??

16. Who had husbands called Sean, Blake, Cecil and Dex?

17. Who played Danny Kane, co-owner of the Plantation Club?

18. Which former page 3 girl played Franki in Brookside?

19. Which tennis term gave Len Deighton the title of a TV series?  

20. On Television who sat between Bill and Ben?

21. In the 1970?s how were Beryl and Sandra better known?

22. What is the name of the taxi company in the BBC comedy drama ?Roger Roger??

23. Which former TV vet narrated the documentary series ?Vets In Practice??

24. James Dreyfus plays which character in Ben Elton?s ?The Thin Blue Line??

25. What was the name of the prize winning round in the quiz programme ?Blockbusters??

26. Who was the host of the first ITV Telethon event in 1988?

27. Who links the alternative quiz shows, ?Shooting Stars? and Never Mind The Buzzcocks??

28. Who wrote the stories on which the TV series Thomas The Tank Engine was based?


1. Penelope Pitstop

2. Rentaghost

3. Tooting

4. Worzel Gummidge

5. Tony Hart

6. Jeri Ryan

7. Thermoman

8. Goodness Gracious Me

9. John Deed

10. The League Of Gentlemen

11. Ray Langton

12. The Sweeney

13. Malcolm Muggeridge

14. William Conrad

15. Rhoda

16. Alexis Colby

17. Leslie Grantham

18. Linda Lusardi

19. Game, Set & Match

20. Little Weed

21. The Liver Birds

22. Cresta Cabs

23. Christopher Timothy

24. Constable Goody

25. Gold run

26. Michael Aspel

27. Mark Lamarr

28. Reverend Audrey


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