Television Sci Fi Quiz 1

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Television Quiz1. What race does bar owner Quark belong to?

2. Which star of The Color Purple is a regular in Star Trek: The Next Generation?

3. What was the name of Michael Knight?s robot car?

4. Who on red Dwarf is Holly?

5. Which creature did Dr David Banner become when stressed?

6. Which futuristic organisation featured in the sci-fi drama UFO?

7. Who created space precinct?

8. What number was Patrick McGoohan?

9. In which series did Roddy Mcdowell play a chimpanzee?

10. How were Homo Superior more commonly known?  


1. Ferengi

2. Whoppi Goldberg

3. Kitt

4. The computer

5. The incredible hulk


7. Gerry Anderson

8. 6

9. Planet of the Apes

10. The Tomorrow People


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