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Television Quiz1. In which fictional town did the ?Flintstones? live?

2. Who was the mythological namesake of Steptoe?s horse?

3. Which 1970's detective series has recently been resurrected and shows the death of one of the main characters at the beginning of every episode.

4. Which detective character used the catch-phrase ?Book ?um Danno??

5. Who is the last host of the TV game show ?Wheel of Fortune??

6. Who in 1998 performed 130 takes to make an American TV commercial for ?Cranberry Sauce??

7. Which character on children?s television has a wife called Sarah and a son called Julian?

8. Who is the aristocratic owner of Grantleigh Manor in ?To the Manor Born??

9. In what fictional area is the TV soap ?Neighbours? set?

10. Who succeeded Roger Moore as Simon Templar in ?The Return of the Saint??  

11. What was the name of the comedy series in which Ronnie Barker and Patricia Brake played father and daughter?

12. In 'Only Fools and Horses' what does Trigger always call Rodney?

13. Who is the presenter of Ch4's 'Time Team'?

14. Which local 'redhead' was a co-presenter of 'Animal Hospital'?

15. In "Star Trek", from which planet did Spock's mother come?

16. What was the chimney-sweep's name in Camberwick Green?

17. Where was the tv drama 'Tumbledown' set?

18. Dervla Kirwin has played the pub landlady in 2 different series, name either series?

19. Who was assisted by Eric and Tinker?

20. How many cars competed in the Wacky Races?

21. In The Stephen King novel and film Christine, what was Christine?

22. The first US television show filmed before an audience was I Love Lucy. Who was it?s star?

23. Who directed Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark and ET?

24. Who played Douglas Bader in the film Reach For The Sky?

25. Who first played James Bond in the cinema?

26. Who played the title roles in the 1944 film Henry V, and the 1948 film Hamlet?

27. Which Scottish engineer gave the first public demonstration of television in 1925?

28. In which 1964 film did Clint Eastwood play ?The Man With No Name??

29. What is Bugs Bunny?s catchphrase?

30. Which three primary colours make up a TV picture?


1. Bedrock.

2. Hercules (When Hercules died in a later episode, he was replaced by a horse called Samson, soon renamed Delilah after she gives birth - Thanks to Jon Gilbert for the update).

3. Randall & Hopkirk (deceased.

4. Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-O

5. John Leslie

6. The Duchess of York - Fergie.

7. Postman Pat.

8. Richard Devere

9. Erinsborough.

10. Ian Ogilvy.

11. Going Straight (His son Raymond was played by a young Nicholas Lyndhurst.)

12. Dave (Thanks to Paul Wilde for correcting this one)

13. Tony Robinson

14. Shauna Lowry

15. Earth

16. Varley

17. The Falkland Islands

18. Ballykissangel / Goodnight Sweetheart (Assumpta) & (Pheobe)

19. Lovejoy

20. Eleven

21. A Car

22. Lucille Ball

23. Steven Spielberg

24. Kenneth More

25. Sean Connery

26. Lawrence Olivier

27. John Logie Baird

28. A Fistful OfDollars

29. ?Whats Up Doc??

30. Red green and blue


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