Television Families Quiz 1

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Television Quiz1. Mrs Bridges cooked for which family in Eaton Place?

2. Which TV family had a chauffeur called Max? (and a dog named Freeway)

3. Which family feature in the sitcom 2 point 4 children?

4. Which family owned a wine vineyard called Falcon Crest?

5. Which family lived at the Ponderosa?

6. Which TV family had 7 children and a dog named Reckless?

7. Which TV family lived on a street called Cemetery Ridge?

8. Which TV family lived at 24 Oil Drum Lane, Shepherds Bush? (and owned a horse called Hercules)

9. On TV, which family were Robin, Chrissy and Jo's landlords?

10. Which TV family had a pet dragon called Spot?  


1. The Bellamys

2. The Harts

3. The Porter's

4. The Channings

5. The Cartwrights

6. The Waltons

7. The Addamss

8. The Steptoes

9. The Ropers

10. The Munsters


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