Movie and Moviestars Quiz 2

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Film Quiz1. The first Lassie film was Lassie come home in 1942. On whose novel was the film based?

2. You've got to pick a pocket or two was a song from which popular British film of 1968?

3. Born in 1928 this actor made his debut in Fighter Squadron (1948) . He later became known by the nickname ‘The baron of Beefcake’. Can you name him?

4. Who was the male star of Blood and Sand, The Eagle and the Son of the Sheik?

5. Which actor who starred in the films Spartacus and The Great Race published the novel, Kid Andrew Cooly and Julie Sparrow?

6. In which 1956 film did Elvis make his film debut?

7. Which duo's films included Buck Privates, In Society and The time of their Lives?

8. Who was known throughout the world as ‘The King of Comedy’?

9. Name the pizza eating martial arts quartety who collectively cry ‘Cowabunga’

10. Which actor stormed to stardom in the 1964 as the man with no name?  

11. "What unusual form of transport was used by ET and his friends to elude police in ET the extra terrestrial?

12. Vhat was Bob Hoskins trade in Super Mario Bros?

13. Who is the mother in The Addams Family?

14. Which 1985 film starred a delorean car?

15. Robin Williams starred in a film as an inspirational teacher. What was the name of the secret association set up by some of his pupils?

16. In which film did Madonna appear as a sultry singer

17 In which film did Robin Williams have to learn to fly and what was his character?

18. What strange creature did the Avon lady discover?

19. In which 1990 film was Kevin accidentally abandoned by his parents?

20. Who is Superman's alter ego and what is his girlfriends name?  


1. Eric Knight

2. Oliver

3. Rock Hudson

4. Valentino

5. Tony Curtis

6. Love Me tender

7. Abbott and Costello

8. Charlie Chaplin

9. The Mutant Ninja Turtles

10. Clint Eastwood  

11. A Bike

12. A Plumber

13. Morticia

14. Back to the Future

15. Dead Poets Society

16. Dick Tracy

17. Hook, Peter Pan

18. Edward Scissorhands

19. Home alone

20. Clarke Kent, Lois Lane  


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