Same initials Quiz 2

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Part 1

1. Which famous literary work was written in the churchyard at stoke poges?

2. Which very famous novel features the character Philip Pirrip?

3. Which well known bird of prey has the scientific name aquila chrysaetos?

4. Who had hits during the 1980s as lead singer with the Miami sound machine?

5. For Which event of 1851 was the crystal palace constructed in Hyde Park?

6. Which unpleasant inflammation of the stomach is usually caused by eating contaminated food?

7. Who kept wicket for England?s cricket team between the years of 1946 and 1959 and once took 95 minutes to score his first run in a test match against Australia?

8. Which company is Britain?s largest manufacturer of electrical products?

9. Which pseudonym did the writer Mary Ann Evans use?

10. Who on august 6th 1926 became the first woman to swim the English channel?

Part 2

11. Which term describes the period in Which 50% of the radioactive molecules of a substance will decay?

12. Which famous showjumper rode an equally famous horse called foxhunter?

13. Who created the double-headed llama called the pushmipullyu?

14. Which term is sometimes used to describe the western regions of Palestine?

15. Which ornamental fabric is named after the Devon village in which it has been produced since the 17th century?

16. Which band had a 1981 number 1 hit with "don't you want me"?

17. Who was the central character in the book and film the third man?

18. Which phrase might you use to someone Who has suffered misfortune?

19. Which jazz trumpeter presented the radio show I?m sorry, I haven't a clue?

20. Who was England?s main bowler during the so-called "bodyline" series against Australia?


1. Grays elegy

2. Great expectations

3. Golden eagle

4. Gloria Estefan

5. Great exhibition

6. Gastro enteritis

7. Godfrey Evans

8. General electric

9. George Eliot

10. Gertrude Ederle

11. Half life

12. Harry Llewellyn

13. Hugh lofting

14. Holy land

15. Honiton lace

16. Human league

17. Harry lime

18. Hard luck

19. Humphrey Lyttleton

20. Harold Larwood


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