Same Initials Quiz 1

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Part 1

1. With which activity are grandsire triples and oxford treble bob associated?

2. In Which well-known novel is there a gang leader named colleoni?

3. Which Evelyn Waugh novel features lord and lady marchmain?

4. What more common name was given to the 1963 document entitled the reshaping of British railways?

5. Which song spent 9 weeks at number 1 in the charts in 1975/76?

6. What is the capital of the American State of Louisiana?

7. At Which coastal resort in west Sussex did George v spend time recovering from illness?

8. Which annual event begins at Putney and ends at Mortlake?

9. Which circular volcanic island stands at the entrance to the firth of Forth?

10. Who was the major character in the uncle Remus stories?

Part 2

11. Which sweet foodstuff consists of a pastry base with a layer of jam and almond flavoured sponge cake?

12. Which Anthony Trollope novel features John and Eleanor bold?

13. Where exactly in London were Edward V and his brother Richard believed to have been murdered?

14. What in human beings should be approximately 37 degrees centigrade?

15. For Which film did Spencer Tracy win his second best actor Oscar?

16. Which 1940s radio show and 1950s television show featured Julian Huxley in intellectual discussion?

17. Which embroidery has 72 scenes depicting the Norman Conquest of England?

18. What is the literal meaning of the word biscuit?

19. Which Jerry Kozinski novel became a 1979 film starring peter sellers?

20. Which female singer suffered a "total eclipse of the heart" in 1983?  


1. Bell ringing

2. Brighton rock

3. Brideshead revisited

4. Beeching report

5. Bohemian rhapsody

6. Baton rouge

7. Bognor Regis

8. Boat race

9. Bass rock

10. Brer Rabbit

11. Bakewell tart

12. Barchester towers

13. Bloody tower

14. Body temperature

15. Boy's town

16. Brain's trust

17. Bayeux tapestry

18. Baked twice

19. Being there

20. Bonnie Tyler


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