Cryptic Quiz 6

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1. What SS is a form of ballet in water?

2. What MC is the capital of Monaco?

3. What TIO is slang for attempt to fool someone?

4. What AZ is the lowest temperature that could possibly exist?

5. What FF directed La Dolce Vita?

6. What SIAT means a big fuss about almost nothing?

7. What PA was a leader of Britain?s ?Liberal Democrats??

8. What DW starred Jon Pertwee, Billy Piper and Tom Baker?

9. What CWM means whatever happens?

10. What AS was the Egyptian President who shared the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize?

11. What GB was once head of the CIA?

12. What TMC spoil the Broth?

13. What ST is a dish of Raw Minced Beef?

14. What AA is the capital of Ethiopia?

15. What MITS is the Average Man?

16. What OTM means deliriously happy?

17. What LON was the forerunner of the United Nations?

18. What PL is an epic poem by John Milton?

19. What KB previously replaced Terry Wogan on Radio 2?

20. What FAFB is a saying for rare?

21. What NAT means lacking full mental capacity?

22. What CSM is a rank in the army?

23. What HGV is a lorry?

24. What GB helped develop cubism?

25. What LB scores a run in cricket?

26. What RC is an international medical relief agency?

27. What CB designed the first mechanical computer in 1835?

28. What STR means to be logically evident?

29. What HF starred in the ?Indiana Jones? movies?

30. What TBC was once an important Midlands coal-mining area?


1. Synchronised Swimming

2. Monte Carlo

3. Try It On

4. Absolute Zero

5. Federico Fellini

6. Storm In A Tea Cup

7. Paddy Ashdown

8. Doctor Who

9. Come What May

10. Anwar Sadat

11. George Bush

12. Too Many Cooks

13. Steak Tartar

14. Addis Ababa

15. Man In The Street

16. Over The Moon

17. League of Nations

18. Paradise Lost

19. Ken Bruce

20. Few And Far Between

21. Not All There

22. Company Sergeant Major

23. Heavy Goods Vehicle

24. George Braque

25. Leg Bye

26. Red Cross

27. Charles Babbage

28. Stands To Reason

29. Harrison Ford

30. The Black Country


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