The Letter C Quiz 2

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1. Which town on the river Bonn, is the site of the university of Ulster ?

2. How many Prime ministers whose surnames begin with ?c? held office in the UK in the 20th century?

3. Sited in Ecuador, which is the world?s highest active volcano?

4. Which spice native to Sri Lanka, India & Burma, was once more valuable than gold?

5. At which famous battle, fought in 1346, did the English defeat the French?

6. Jill Gascoine played inspector Maggie Forbes in two TV programmes. ?the gentle touch? was the first. What was the second?

7. Which husband and wife shared the 1903 noble prize for physics with Henri Becquerel for the discovery of radioactivity?

8. What is the name given to the brandy produced in the Charente & Charente-maritime regions of France and is specifically named after a town in that locality?

9. Which was the first synthetic plastic material that was developed in 1869 by john Welsley Hyatt?

10. Which famous American actor, who died in 1961, and who used his real surname, had the real Christian names of Frank James?


1. Coleraine

2. 4 Campbell-Bannerman, Chamberlain, Churchill, James Callaghan

3. Cotopoxi

4. Cinnamon

5. Crecy

6. C.A.T.S. Eyes

7. Pierre & Marie Curie

8. Cognac

9. Celluloid

10. Gary Cooper


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