The Letter M Quiz 2

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1. Nouakchott is the capital city of which country?

2. In Greek legend, which creature is half man and half bull?

3. Which football league club plays their home matches at field mill?

4. Which ore of copper consisting of copper carbonate is bright green?

5. Which was the only one of the Marx brothers whose real Christian name began with m?

6. Which is the last book of the Old Testament?

7. In which 1996 movie did tom cruise play ?Ethan Hunt??

8. Sir Thomas Bertram and his 4 children Tom, Edmund, Maria & Julia feature in which novel that was first published in 1814?

9. ?I think of you? was the only top 10 hit for which 60s pop group?

10. The word?s the same: a city in N.E. Germany, a province in Ireland and the surname of a TV comedy family?


1. Mauritania

2. Minataur

3. Mansfield

4. Malachite

5. Milton Who Was Known As Gummo

6. Malachi

7. Mission Impossible

8. Mansfield Park

9. Merseybeats

10. Munster


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