The Letter H Quiz 1

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1. Tegucigalpa is the capital city of which country?

2. What did Robert Burns describe as ?The great chieftain o? the pudding race??

3. Which British motorcyclist between 1961 & 1967 won 9 world championships?

4. Amsterdam is the capital of which country?

5. What collective name is given to the elements forming group 17 of the periodic table: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine?

6. The rock group Stepponwolf took their name from the title of a novel by which German novelist?

7. What was the Christian name of the 19th century physicist Mr hertz who first produced and detected radio waves?

8. Which palace in Edinburgh is the Scottish residence of the British monarchy?

9. In which western TV series did Leif Ericson play ?big john cannon?

10. Which bird was Huitzilopochli, the Aztec god of the sun & war, portrayed as?  


1. Honduras

2. Haggis

3. Mike Hailwood

4. Holland

5. Halogens

6. Herman Hesse

7. Henirich

8. Holyrood House

9. High Chaparral

10. Hummingbird


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