The Letter B Quiz 1

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1. What bb is a pop group featuring the Wilson brothers?

2. What bb was a French film actress born on 28/9/1934?

3. What bb was a 10th century king of Ireland?

4. What bb could once be heard shouting, "order! Order!"?

5. What bb was asked to blow his horn in nursery a rhyme?

6. What bb is a variety of French cheese?

7. Which bb married Ringo star?

8. Which bb is a spa town in Germany?

9. Which bb used to answer the questions on a question of sport?

10. Which bb died in a plane crash with buddy holly?

11. In which European capital is there a statue called the Mannekin Pis?

12. Which song did Lulu sing in the Eurovision Song Contest?

13. Which 'Coronation St' supermarket employed Reg Holdsworth and Vera Duckworth?

14. Where in the UK would you find the 18th-century Assembly Rooms and Royal Crescent?

15. The imprisonment of Nick Leeson followed the collapse of which bank?

16. Which 18th-century German soldier was famous for his exaggerated accounts of his adventures?

17. Which country's flag is a red circle on a green background?

18. What name is given to the study of the paths taken by projectiles e.g. bullets?  


1. Beach Boys

2. Bridget Bardot

3. Brian Boru

4. Betty Boothroyd

5. Boy Blue

6. Bresse Bleu / Blue Brie

7. Barbara Bach

8. Baden baden

9. Billy Beaumont

10. Big Bopper

11. Brussels

12. Boom a bang Bang

13. Bettabuys

14. Bath

15. Bearings

16. Baron Munchausen

17. Bangladesh

18. Ballistics


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