The Letter W Quiz 1

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1. Which W was re-elected President of the USA in 1916?

2. Which W fought for Scottish independence and defeated the English Army at Stirling in 1297?

3. Which W was the northern site of a famous 7th century synod?

4. Which W wrote leaves of grass?

5. What W is the Down associated with Richard Adams

6. Which W are Mammals belonging to the order Cetacea?

7. Which W was an English reformer born in 1759, who campaigned for the abolition of slavery?

8. Which W was the site of David Koresh?s last stand?

9. Which W is the night of the year on which witches were believed to ride?

10. Which W, later to become Poet Laureate, was born at Cockermouth in 1770?  


1. Woodrow Wilson

2. William Wallace

3. Whitby

4. Walt Whitman

5. Watership

6. Whales

7. William Wilberforce

8. Waco

9. Walpurgis

10. William Wordsworth


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