The Letter O Quiz 1

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1. Which O is the name of a well known make of Italian typewriters?

2. Which O describes an angle between 90 and 180 degrees?

3. Which O is best known for his long poem Metamorphoses?

4. Which O was a singer known as The Big O?

5. Which O is a horse racing classic for fillies only?

6. Which O in 1995 became the site of the worst ever terrorist attack to take place on US Soil?

7. Which O is a hormone that controls such things as Breast Development?

8. Which O is the scene of a famous ten-yearly passion play?

9. Which O was revived by Baron de Coubertain in the 1890s?

10. Which O do you associate with Papaver Somniferum?  


1. Olivetti

2. Obtuse

3. Ovid

4. Roy Orbison

5. The Oaks

6. Oklahoma City

7. Oestrogen

8. Oberammergau

9. Olympic Games

10. Opium (Its the plant it comes from)


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