The Letter G Quiz 2

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1. What saclike organ in the body stores bile formed by the liver and is connected to the liver by the hepatic ducts and to the intestine by the common bile duct?

2. Which organization leaves bibles in hotel bedrooms?

3. Who ruled England between 1760 & 1820?

4. Which percussion instrument, of German origins and whose name when translated literally means ?set of bells?, became part of the orchestra in the 18th Century?

5. Nuuk is the native name for the capital city of which country?

6. Which English Lord and former navy lieutenant was the instigator of anti-catholic riots in London in 1780, those riots being named after him?

7. Which northern hemisphere coastal diving bird that has dark-brown plumage with a white belly, a black beak and red legs?.

8. John Birks are the real Christian names of which 20th Century trumpeter, composer and bandleader?

9. The first published work, in 1925, by which well known author, whose first Christian name was Henry, was ?Babbling April? and whose final novel in 1985, 6 years before his death was ?The Tenth Man??

10. Who, in Arthurian legend, was the nephew and loyal supporter of King Arthur and is portrayed as the model knightly perfection against whom all other knights were measured?  


1. Gall Bladder

2. Gideons

3. George III

4. Glockenspiel

5. Greenland

6. Lord Gordon

7. Guillemot

8. Dizzy Gillespie

9. Graham Greene

10. Gawain (Not Galahad)


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