Pub Quiz 66

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The following pub quiz was submitted by Jack who presents his quiz at the Royal Oak in Great Wishford. Many thanks Jack, a nice variety of topics there.

1. See if you can fill in the missing creatures in the following phrases 
    a: ---------- life 
    b: ----------work 
    c: ----------share 
    d: ----------sense 
    e: ----------brain  

2. Sport: 
    a: ?The Rams? is the nickname of which Football Club?
    b: In what year was the 1st Cup Final at Wembley held?
    c: In which year was the London Marathon first run?
    d: What was the Original nickname of Crystal Palace FC?
    e: In what year was ?Match of the Day? first shown on BBC television?

3. True or False: 
    a: A Skunk is the only animal to eat Bees? 
    b: Pearls will melt in vinegar?
    c: Zero is both an even and an odd number?
    d: Identical twins have the same fingerprints?
    e: The only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible is the Cat?

4. What is the collective name for a group of the following:
    a: Foxes
    b: Kangaroos
    c: Storks
    d: Woodpeckers
    e: Moles

5. What would you be afraid of if you suffered from the following phobias?
    a: Phasmophobia
    b: Astraphobia
    c: Wiccaphobia
    d: Hydrophobia
    e: Xenophobia

6. Geography
    a: In which American state would you find the city of Phoenix?
    b: In which Gulf country is the TV Channel ?Al Jazeera situated?
    c: The Khyber Pass links Pakistan with which other country?
    d: Which is the largest of the Trucial States?
    e: Lake Eyre is the largest lake in which country?

7. TV & Film
    a: Who played the title role in the film Ghandi?
    b: Who is married to ?She who must be obeyed??
    c: What is the name of Dr Who?s time machine?
    d: ?Q? is a popular character in the Bond films ? what does the ?Q? stand for?
    e: On the Dick Van Dyke show who played Dicks wife?


1. Five Answers

2. Five Answers
    a: Derby County, 
    b: 1923, 
    c: 1981, 
    d: The Glaziers, 
    e: 1964.

3. Five Answers
    a: True, 
    b: True, 
    c: False, 
    d: False, 
    e: True

4. Five Answers
    a: Skulk or Leash
    b: Mob, Troop, or Herd
    c: Mustering
    d: Descent
    e: A Labour

5. Five Answers
    a: Ghosts
    b: Lightning
    c: Witches or Witchcraft
    d: Water
    e: Foreigners or Strangers

6. Five Answers
    a: Arizona 
    b: Doha Qatar 
    c: Afghanistan 
    d: Abu-Dhabi 
    e: Australia

7. Five Answers
    a: Ben Kingsley
    b: Rumpole
    c: Tardis
    d: Quartermaster
    e: Mary Tyler Moore


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