Pub Quiz 71

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1. What is the name of the sugar found in milk?

2. What is the star spangled banner?

3. Where would you wear espadrilles?

4. In Greek mythology, who was the king of the Olympian gods?

5. What is the name of the male voice that is higher than bass, but lower than tenor?

6. In which city would you find the artist quarter known as Montmartre?

7. Which month of the year was derived from the roman god of war?

8. What is the largest member of the violin family?

9. What is a fandango?

10. What was the name of the Queen Mother?s official London residence?

11. Which city do Sanford airport and McCoy airport serve?

12. Whose real name was Marion Morrison?

13. Which planet is fifth from the sun?

14. Which cartoon character is married to the long-suffering Flo?

15. Which company produces the lancer and shogun models of car?

16. What colour is the wood of the ebony tree?

17. In which city would you find the sugar pink palace?

18. Who had a hit dueting on dead ringer for love with Cher?

19. Which one word can go after tape, ring and round?  


1. Lactose

2. The Us National Anthem

3. On The Feet

4. Zeus

5. Baritone

6. Paris

7. March

8. Double Base

9. A Spanish Dance

10. Clarence House

11. Orlando

12. John Wayne

13. Jupiter

14. Andy Capp

15. Mitsubishi

16. Black

17. Monte-Carlo

18. Meatloaf

19. Worm


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