Pub Quiz 72

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1. Who taught Latin at Brookfield school?

2. Titan is the largest moon of which planet?

3. By what name is Clementina Campbell better known?

4. What name is given to a Japanese military commander or ruler in former times?

5. A Mexican immigrant who crosses the US border illegally by swimming across the Rio Grande is known as what?

6. Lying in the northern central USA, it is the chief dairy state and its capital is Madison. What is the state?

7. What was the colonial name for Zambia?

8. Who first defined the ?unacceptable face of capitalism??

9. What makes a pink gin pink?

10. What police force did Mack Sennett create?

11. Which cigarettes were cool as a mountain stream?

12. Which city is nicknamed Auld Reekie?

13. Which country?s parliament is called the Riksdag?

14. Which English City has a railway station named Temple Meads?

15. Which English coin was withdrawn in 1960?

16. Which Modern English City was known to the Romans as Sarbiodunum?

17. Which New York airport is closest to downtown Manhattan?

18. Which Pope was allegedly murdered?

19. Which two old states combined to form the Republic of Tanzania?

20. Which US President avoided impeachment by one vote?

21. How many hurdles would you find in the 110 metres hurdles event?

22. Which strong metal is composed mainly of ion and carbon?

23. What game do the Chicago Bulls play?

24. From which flower is opium produced?

25. How many of King Henry VIII's wives were called Catherine?

26. Which TV Newsman presents 999 on television?

27. Who is Stevie Wonders Happy Birthday a tribute to?

28. Who hosted The Krypton Factor on British TV?

29. What is the capital of Canada?

30. Where were the 2004 Olympics held?  

31. What name is given to a baby elephant?

32. Which MP?s constituency returned the MP with the highest majority in the 1992 election?

33. Which Warwickshire ground hosts test cricket?

34. In which county is Romney Marsh?

35. What was the nickname of anti British broadcaster William Joyce during WWII?

36. If you can use your left or right hand with equal success, what are you?

37. What was introduced to the FA Cup Final in 1927 at the bidding of Queen Mary?

38. What is the 2nd highest mountain in the world?

39. What term is given to a bird watcher apart from pervert?

40. The Daimler Conquest saloon of 1953-1958 was so called because its price before British Purchase Tax was originally how much??


1. Mr Chips

2. Saturn

3. Cleo Laine

4. Shogun

5. Wetback

6. Wisconsin

7. Northern Rhodesia

8. Ted Heath

9. Angostura Bitters

10. The Keystone Cops

11. Consulate

12. Edinburgh

13. Sweden

14. Bristol

15. Farthing

16. Salisbury

17. La Guardia

18. John Paul I

19. Tanganyika and Zanzibar

20. Andrew Johnson  

21. 10

22. Steel

23. Basketball

24. Poppy

25. Three

26. Michael Burke

27. Martin Luther King

28. Gordon Burns

29. Ottawa

30. Athens

31. Calf

32. John Major 36,320 Huntingdon,

33. Edgbaston

34. Kent

35. Lord Haw Haw

36. Ambidextrous

37. The singing of abide with me

38. K2

39. Ornithologist

40. ?1066


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