Pub Quiz 73

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1. What is the name given to the study of flight dynamics of projectiles?

2. What is the surname of the Everest conqueror, Sherpa Tenzing?

3. Which 2 countries parliaments have an annual ski race dating back to 1957?

4. What does AMSTRAD stand for?

5. What is the name of a one-ounce gold coin of the republic of South Africa?

6. Which abbreviation means ?Which Was To Be Proved??

7. What is the name of a female superior of a convent?

8. What was the previous name of the advertising agency ?Cordiant PLC??

9. Which month of the year was named from the latin ?to Open??

10. How do clowns copyright their faces?

11. What was the Bunny Hug?

12. What is meant by the term ?Perestroika??

13. What kind of mammal is a bighorn?

14. How many sides does a heptagon have?

15. In the 1920s who or what was a flapper?

16. For what do the initials BMA stand?

17. From which London railway station would you leave if you were travelling to Cardiff?

18. In which town or city would you find the Royal Mile?

19. What is the name given to a watch which has hands and dials instead of digits?

20. What 4 letters follow QWERTY on the top row of letters on a standard keyboard?

21. Who was Hitler's minister of propaganda

22. Which football club did Kevin Keegan play for before joining Liverpool

23. In which book/film do you meet Holly, Dandelion, Fiver & Hazel

24. What is Guacamole mainly made from

25. What kind of animal was Poombah in the Lion King

26. What is Formosa now known as

27. Inspector Abaline of the Yard spent his life looking for which killer

28. Which herb is generally put on the base of a pizza

29. In which country did Skylab crash land

30. Reporter Jack mcgee was after who?  


1. Ballistics

2. Norgay

3. England and Switzerland

4. Alan Michael Sugar Trading

5. Krugerand

6. QED

7. The Abbess

8. Saatchi and Saatchi

9. April

10. Paint it on an Egg

11. A dance

12. Restructuring

13. A Sheep

14. 7

15. Bold Young Lady

16. British Medical Association

17. Paddington

18. Edinburgh

19. Analogue

20. UIOP

21. Goebels

22. Scunthorpe

23. Watership Down

24. Avocados

25. Warthog

26. Taiwan

27. Jack the Ripper

28. Oregano

29. Australia

30. Incredible Hulk/David Banner


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